Posted on August 8, 2008

The Ankh, a symbol that has been used for many centuries for its meaning, has been given new life. One explanation is that it originated from an ancient Egyptian civilization and was used as their symbol of life. Another interpretation describes the symbol as the sun above the horizon and taking the path as it moves over the earth. Although there are many interpretations, one may question why an entertainment company would take on the moniker as its name and use it as their logo.
A new generation has emerged and like the phoenix that rose from the ashes, the Black Ankh has been brought back to life and given a new meaning. BLACK ANKH RECORDS is breaking through the cycle of monotony and giving the music industry what so many have been crying out for; GOOD MUSIC! BLACK ANKH RECORDS has taken a stand and is giving music lovers something they can appreciate. The foundation has been laid, but not well preserved, so BLACK ANKH RECORDS is here to revitalize and reenergize the music industry for the fans who value good music.
A new light is breaking the horizon of the music industry and BLACK ANKH will take music back to its roots and set new trends and styles. If you believe in good music and yearn for a change in what you hear, tune into Black Ankh and listen as we lead the way into a new era that will continue to provide its fans with an innovative, unique style of music that they can appreciate for a long time.

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