Executive Management and Staff Support for questions pertaining to your music and career.
Learn how to sell more music with Facebook and YouTube.
Access to graphic designers at low rates.
Career Advice.
Goal Setting.
Media Planning.
Monthly Consultation.
Guidance on booking venue and promoters in your city.
Guidance on Radio Promotions.
How to obtain Sponsorships and Endorsements.
Music Engineering Referrals.
A & R – review and constructive feedback of your music from industry executives.
Professional Representation.
Legal & Business Affairs. (Contracts, ASCAP & BMI Registrations, Sound Exchange, and Harry Fox).
Consumer Analytics – Reporting through top analytic providers such as Google, Alexa and Next Big Sound.
Guidance on Public Relations – Press releases written by pros and personally sent to the right Editors, Magazines, Newspapers and Blogs.
Publishing – Once your song passes quality checks it’s put into our master catalog for distribution, sales, and licensing. Most importantly this is when it makes money!
Licensing – We connect artists and producers with clients in film, television, advertising, and gaming industries through licensing opportunities.


Founded in 2008, B.A.E. is a growing entertainment company. We work with artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, managers, labels, merchandising companies, film & television, analysts, executives, sponsors, radios, djs, actors, publishers, promoters, recording studios and list goes on and on. We are your one stop shop.

Need good representation and hard working people on your side? Well we got it here in our sport division too! Same exact way we elevate entertainers career, we do the same  for athletes. Want a boxing match or mix martial arts to come into town. Well, we got you and we do all the marketing too!

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